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Debut Album: Secret to Survival

Secret to Survival

Some women gonna love you 

Some women gonna do you wrong 

The secret to survival

You got to bring the right girl home


Me and Sylvie

I’ve been resurrected

I see everything you’ve done

Heaven knows you love me

Heaven knows I am not the only one


Man On a Wire

I’m just a man on the wire

A magician without a hat

In the middle of a performance 

Tryin’ to get the magic back


Dollar Bill
I got me a woman

she’s as pretty as a dollar bill

she ain’t got no rules
I can always have my fill


Women Who Love You
women who love you

That’s what they do

Sneak up on your heart

put the arrow right through


Heart Ache and Thunder

Heartache and thunder
Are tattooed in her thighs 

So when she spreads her wings
You know just what your gonna find


A Dangerous Color Blue

If nobody answers’

Don’t mean nobody’s home

Every busy signal don’t

Don’t mean leave me alone


Ain’t Your Day

Justine is a comin, a gun in her hand

She’s got on her mind, just one man

She ain’t forgiving, too damn much went down this time

Maybe you be you get lucky, but if I’m betting this just ain’t your day


Found Another Man

Woke up in the morning

She had her suitcase in her hand 

She said I know you done your best

But I found another man


A Sad Goodbye

The best she could offer

Was a sad good bye

I knew in my heart of heats

Was nothing left to try

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