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Playwright - Teleplay Writer - Script Doctor

I am a New York City resident, playwright, writer, and lyricist. I have had multiple works produced both in Los Angeles and New York. Serving as President of Theatre East in Los Angeles and Co-Artistic Director at Theatre North Collaborative in New York City, both vibrant entities in their day, I was responsible for the production of over 30 successful theatre productions and chaired countless writers’ groups.


My presented works include but are not limited to, The Raspberry, a one-act play, premiered at the New York Theatre Festival’s Spring/Summerfest 2022, now a full length play. La Thespian, official selection of Manhattan Rep’s Stories Film Festival as well as official selection of the Inwood Film Festival, 2022, Nyack International Film Festival, 2024. Justice, featured in the 2021 Fifth Avenue Theater 10-minute play festival. The Open Door is a past runner-up at the Actors Theatre of Louisville National Ten-Minute plays contest.


My greatest pleasure in writing is grounded in those days when my imagination is unencumbered, opening the portal to any story I can conjure and every line I write begs for another. I share my thoughts with the universe, and it feeds me. The truth is we are complex human beings, not easily described in a paragraph. Ultimately, we are all the sum-total of our life experience. Like you, every magical triumph, every glorious misstep, every self-inflicted disaster, every nuance of my life is the fuel for my creative thought. And I have never met anyone who is not creative. My father was an electrician, a writer and teller of tall tales, my mother was a beautiful woman, Sicilian to her core and the matriarch of our family. They both lived and loved with open hearts. I owe to them, their DNA, and my ability to escape quicksand, all that I am today. I have the highest regard for humanity. I like to get to know people the old fashion way, through personal interaction. I truly enjoy the experience of meeting people, that is just the way I’m wired.

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