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Full Length Play Excerpts

My Italian Family

The Tragotti’s

A comedy in two acts. 6 actors - 8 characters.

CARLA: Because we’re like two glasses of water, Paul.  Your water and my water.  And if I take my glass of water and pour it into your glass of water, it’s still my water and it’s still your water, but now it’s all mixed together and you can’t ever separate it. It will never be just my water and your water ever again. There will always be parts of us still mixed together forever, you see?  It’s a big step. So, when a man asks a woman such a reckless question, when a man asks a woman to do something they can never take back, when a man asks a woman to pour herself into him, she wants to know that man understands what he is doing. She wants to know that his heart is pounding like her heart.

The Raspberry

Drama with naturally realized humor. 5 actors.

MARA: Here’s what I know, you’re a good man and I love you, that’s why I married you. But you’re not carrying this load. Your body isn't going to be highjacked. Your concentration will not be diverted. You won’t lose sleep. Your body will not expand. You won’t be breastfeeding every two hours. Your hormones aren’t raging. The sum and total of your humanity will not be disrupted. And while I am walking on that tightrope, I’ll get my Ph. D. No big deal.

The Raspberry
One Last Time

One Last Time

Drama. 6 actors.

ANGELA: No!  No!  I want IN on the big secret! I want to know what it feels like. I want to know what it tastes like. I'm the fighting the fucking devil and his mother for you, and I want to know why I'm losing!

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