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I spent my college years at the university of rhythm and blues, joined my first band at 13 and never looked back. Life is about choices. I am a writer, primarily a playwright. I write love stories. It doesn’t matter the content or tenor, serendipity or zemblanity, it’s a love story. I believe every writer should be imaginatively fearless. When I am writing,  my last consideration is what people may think of it. I follow inspiration without guardrails. I write what my brain tells me to write, and my heart follows, or leads but they work well together. I’m not one who can let my thoughts go unattended. Thy will hound me if I do. I write for myself with faith that what I share may appeal to some enough to compel them to experience my work and suggest to friends and random strangers that they do the same. So, I make things up and write them down. I hang out with my characters, cheat the facts to meet their needs, embellishing the truth taking all the poetic licenses I can muster. It is my right as much as it is my fate, a responsibility to myself and whatever world I am graced to share my work with. I put my brains on paper. I can’t help but do that, so I don’t fight it.

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